How To Charge

What you’re going to find inside of the box is a charging cable that’s going to be one of the first things you pull out. This is a charging cable that charges the robotic lure because it is battery power there’s a battery inside the lure you can’t take the battery out but there is one in there so it recharges itself.

You can see it connects to a USB so what you can do if you have one of those little USB wall chargers you can use one of those and plug it in and then attach the connectors to the lure.

There’s no open holes or anything that you have to plug anything into it’s just these little alligator clips. The way these connect is to the top ring where you tie your line to that’s where you would connect the positive end or the red end. And then the one below on the first hook ring is where you would connect the negative end.

Then you would plug that into your power source whether it be your computer or one of those
wall charger USB connectors or power supply one of those rechargeable power applause you use to recharge your phone or any type of mobile accessory those work very well. Also when you plug it in you’re going to notice a blue light come on right behind the eye that light that indicates that is charging.

Now once that light goes off it’s done charging and again it takes about 45 minutes to an hour to fully charge the battery in the lure Once charged it will last a full hour fishing time which we definitely increase your chance to strike a big predatory fish.